How I am organizing myself for college/university dorm?

So I have decided to enrol in university in the US, which I am very very exited about, because the opportunities in are endless! As an international student, there are a series of things I have to get done before reaching uni. I thought that I’d write about it because it could help all of you that need a guide in order to organise yourself before arriving to college. It is an overwhelming time, and it can all get a bit confusing at times. The tip is:  THINK MACRO TO MICRO. That means, first think about the general, most essential items you will need for living in a dorm, and after that think about the tiny details.

Here is  what and how I will be shopping for:


Ok, so I’m pretty sure that those of you who know and have used Amazon before, know it is probably the BEST creation ever, apart from sushi of course. This is where I got started, because I knew I needed to shop for things but didn’t exactly know what. I organised by thoughts and decided to first purchase all the ESSENTIALS that I will need in college:

a) Lamp

b) Pencil Organiser

c) Laundry basket (that transforms into a bag!!!)

d) Shower bag/caddy

e) Backpack

f) Hanging shoe organizer

g) Under bed organisers/containers

2. Shop for the cute stuff

Let’s face it, shopping for the essentials can be kind of a blow, because…who wants to shop for laundry bags?! But we have come to the fun part: buying cute decorative items for your dorm room. This includes:

a) Bedding

b) Comforter

c) Supplies (notebooks, pencil cases, organisers, calendar, pens, highlighters, and the list could go on forever)

d) Decorative Pillows

e) Tapestry

f) Fairy Lights

g) Wall art (posters, removable wallpapers, polaroid pictures)

Personally, I like to visit stores such as Urban Outfitters, Target and Walmart to buy my decorative bits and pieces. Urban Outfitters is a bit on the pricier side, but you can definitely find some cute things to shop for your dorm room. Other options are to visit vintage boutiques or markets that sell small decorative pieces (paintings, posters, ANYTHING!), which are generally a very affordable and reasonable price.

Now, I would like to highlight the importance of being cautious with how much you spend. Remember, this is a college dorm room, not some NYC $5.5 million dollar penthouse that you’re decorating. It is important to make it feel as cozy and homy as possible, but always keeping in mind affordability, budget and how much will it last you. Try to purchase items that you know will be durable and will be of use for your future dorm room/apartment.

Hope this has been helpful for you! My next blog post will be about: How to save money in college! So stay tuned!





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