How to save money in college

So cash can be pretty scarce in times when you want to spend money on concert tickets, cute clothes, on food from Instagram-worthy restaurants and well, on everything that your sticky eyes land on. That’s what I’m here for, to help you strategise in order to be a happy college student without any (or very less) money worry. Here are a few of personal tips that I find the most useful:

1) Plan your monthly expenditures

In a notebook, or in your phone, write down how much you are going to spend that month. This will cause you to be aware of your monthly budget during your purchases and you will be wise and discriminate whether you really need that Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit. I mean, maybe you do because you like to contour. But maybe you don’t need it but just want to believe that you need it.

Lesson: planning your monthly budget/expenditures will make you a wiser buyer, and every friend needs one of those in their lives.



They are everywhere. You look to the right…student discounts. You look to the left…student discounts. You look in the garbage can…student discounts. Literally everywhere. But here’s the thing: they are kind of hidden. In many places student discounts are paraded and you can immediately spot them. But in other you have to inquire. Don’t feel shy to ask ANYWHERE if they have student discounts, because a few bucks less in some of your purchases can save you a whole lot of money cumulatively. Some places that offer these are: Some movie theatres, Best Buy, ASOS, some restaurants, etc…..

Lesson: wherever you go, ask if there are student discounts. The worst thing that will happen is that they say no.

3) Online Shopping

Sometimes, buying basic items can be so much cheaper if you buy them online. You save time, petrol (or public transport expenses) and energy. It is not only cheaper in terms of money, it is cheaper in terms of everything! For example, buying a few things by Amazon, such as school supplies or college dorm essentials, can turn out more economical than going to Target and buying the entire store (because you are compulsive and cannot stop yourself and because Target is awesome).

Lesson: shop online for basic items


4) (not exactly saving) Try to get some extra cash by selling old books and/or other belongings

Sometimes we don’t think about how many unnecessary things we have that we do not use, and the amount of money you could make by selling those things could be impressive. They could be worth two concert tickets (or even more!!!). By consistently selling, you will not only earn some extra cash, but you are being economically productive and allocating scarce resources correctly so that others can make use of something that you don’t need anymore.

Lesson: By doing this, you are being a contribution to the economy.

I hope this has been useful for you amazing readers! Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for more content!


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