Netflix your way through the weekend

There is nothing better than waking up in the morning, and knowing you have nothing major planned for your day, apart from binge watching Netflix. I consider myself to be an expert in the field of Netflix. In fact, if it were a career I would be extremely wealthy by now. That is how committed I am to Netflix.

However, I thought I’d write a post telling you guys what shows you could watch depending on your mood.


1) For when you don’t feel like thinking too much

This is for the times you don’t really feel like thinking. You just want to watch a show that is easy to follow, not many neutrons required and that hopefully could make you laugh. The show is: Friends and/or Modern Family. Personally, these are my favourite comedy shows EVER. They make me laugh, they are original and easy to follow.


2) For when you’re feeling smart and intelligent

Suits and Scandal would be write for this one. They basically speak in lawyer jargon, use smart words and use intelligent strategies to solve their problems. By the time you watch a couple of episodes, not only will you gain knowledge in the field of law, but you will also start THINKING LIKE A LAWYER. The point is: you should watch these shows if you feel like thinking, connecting the dots and stimulating your neurons.


3) For when you’re feeling melodramatic

This calls for Jane the Virgin. It is not only one of the best comedy shows I have watched, it is also very original from anything else out there. It is based on a latin soap opera, so the plot is quite dramatic, and tends to leave you on many cliffhangers, which is perfect for a weekend when all you want to do is dive onto Netflix. Plus, Rafael (you will know if you watch) is pretty hot, so it wouldn’t hurt watching.


4) For when you’re feeling witty

Gilmore Girls is what you need if you’re feeling witty. This is an amazing show that I finished quite fast because Netflix marathons are my kind of workout. Lorelei Gilmore is the definition of witty, who always knows what to say in every situation. This is not only a funny show to watch, but is filled with drama. Apart from that, once you watch a few episodes you feel as if you live in Stars Hollow (where Lorelei and Rory live), and you start to sympathise and familiarise with all of the characters.


5) For when you’re feeling sophisticated, English and a bit 20th Century

Downton Abby. By far my favourite show of all time. Not only do you adopt a bit of the posh english accent, but it gives you an insight into how wealthy heirs lived during the 19th-20th Century, as well as how their mentality changed with times becoming more modern. It was entertaining to watch because there is a bit of comedy in there, drama and suspense. I recommend this show to all kinds of Netflix watchers, because you learn so much from the english culture and how is has evolved and become more modern and less traditional.


I hope this has helped you decide on a show to start watching! My next blog post will be about my favourite movies on Netflix, so stay tuned for that!


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