Decorating your college dorm room

This is probably the most exiting part about starting life in college. You get to transform a small space into your sanctuary, a place for some alone time, to relax, take a breathe from the dynamic environment of college. It is really important to make this place somewhere that will make you feel better when you’re feeling homesick. It is a place where you can be yourself and reveal a part of your identity to your roommate or to anyone that steps foot into your room.

I would like to take you guys along with me in the journey of making a small space into my own.

MAIN TIP:  Make it a cozy place!!!!

In order to accomplish this requirement that I have established, I suggest:

a) Buy a duvet/bed covers that have a basic pattern. By doing this, you will not only be creating a comfortable/cozy environment, but your room could potentially look bigger.

b) Decorative pillows. I suggest buying a few fluffy ones, because they add that extra touch of coziness, as well as giving your dorm a chic aspect.

c) Fairy lights. Imagine coming back to your dorm room, after a long day of classes, lectures and studying, and all you want to do is lay down in bed and watch some Netflix, but you don’t want the big light on. Fairy lights are there to save the day (or night). They make the space look like a massage room, which instantly gives you a relaxation vibe, a much needed vibe in college.

d) A bedside carpet. I wouldn’t say that this is the most important element of your room, because it always depends on the size and layout of your dorm room. Some rooms already have a carpet floor so you might not feel the need to add a carpet. However, others have cold floors, so adding a carpet could be a good choice to make the room look cozy. Keep in mind that adding a fluffy carpet could come with its pros and cons. Those are very pretty looking and add a softness to your room, but they get dirty and dusty pretty fast, and it ain’t an easy job to wash them up (plus its kind of a pain in the neck washing a carpet in college).

e) Wall prints. These could be drawings, art pieces or inspirational quotes and/or posters. I would say that these are a must in any dorm, just because they fill up the empty spaces of your wall and make it a place that you want to be in. However, be careful with how much you add to your wall. I you have a big room, go ahead and add how much you want. But if you have a smaller room, adding too much to your wall can make your dorm look a bit stuffy and suffocating. Personally, I would add 4 wall prints (1 poster, 2 inspirational quotes and 1 art work)

f) Plant. Buying a plant for your room can be a great investment for your comfort. It would give your room some life, as well as decorating empty spaces, for example in your desk. A succulent would be a great option, because they don’t require that much sunlight.

g) A picture display. The way you display your pictures is totally up to you! You can either clip them onto your fairy lights, or print polaroids and directly stick them onto your wall, or buy a big picture frame and allocate them there. Pictures are a great way to decorate your room, because they reveal a bit about your personality, as well as remind you of important experiences in your life.


I hope this has helped those of you who want a guidance when it comes to interior design in your dorm room, or even a normal bedroom at home. Stay tuned for the next posts relating to college/school study tips!!! Thank you for reading.



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