How to destress/relax after an exam or long week?

I decided to write about this because it is applicable to most people, whether you are a high school students, college student or even working full time, this could help you figure out a way to relax after a looooong and stressful week. Here I have outlined my top tips:

1) Set yourself a goal

This means that before an exam or during the week, tell yourself that there will be a reward for that hard work you’re doing. This will not only motivate you to succeed in you exam, but it will make the moment after (when you’re relaxing) so much more enjoyable.

2) Alone time or group time

Personally, after a long week of exams and stress, I like to spend some alone time in silence, just doing things that I enjoy doing. However, everyone has different likes, so if you prefer spending time with friends in order to relax, that fine too.

3) Bubble bath

A cheeky little bath bomb from Lush is all you need on a Friday night. This is a great and effective way to relax your tense muscles, to spend some time alone as well as to smell spectacular after you finish your bath! Whenever I take baths, I tend to create a playlist on Spotify with all my favourite songs, and read a book. (Please make sure your book doesn’t fall into the bath!!!!)

4) Netflix and Friends 

Whenever I want to relax, Netflix seems like the perfect fit for me. I tend to not want to watch something that will require too many thinking cells (because I used them during the week), so I watch some comedy, my favourite being Friends! But thats not it. I don’t only sit there and watch friends. My mouth needs to be busy as well, which leads me to my next point…


Chinese, Thai and sushi are my top picks. There is something about asian cuisine that is so comforting and makes you feel as if you are embraced in a hug. They make you feel safe. They make you feel as if all your problems have vanished and you even forget about reality for a second. In that moment, its just you and your curry chicken with rice, or your stir fry, or your California rolls. Personally, I feel like this is one of the best (and most delicious) ways to treat yourself after a long week.

6) Read a book

Pretty self explanatory, innit?

7) Workout?

Okay, so this one is a bit of a hard one for me to write. When I was in high school and I felt stressed, people would often advice me to go to the gym. I don’t know if it was a subtle way to say “you’re getting fat”, but lets not dive into that. When I heard them suggesting that, I use to think: “Why would I want to induce more stress on my already so exhausted body?”. Going to the gym to destress really isn’t my thing, but it could be yours. Maybe try some yoga? Boxing? It may not be your thing either, but at least you tried!

8) Last but not least…GET SOME GODDAMN SLEEP!!!

Just sleep, ok?


I hope this has been useful for you, dear readers. These are legitimate tips that I personally use in order to relax, and I hope you can apply them too!




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