The importance of doing something you like

This topic is a bit different from my usual blog posts topics, but I felt the need to write about it. This is a result of my reflections upon my personal life. Here is a bit of background story:

I am a girl that is going to study abroad, and I graduated in December 2016, which left me with approximately 8 months free. (because classes abroad start end of August). Last year, I told myself that I would work in a retail store, because I was focused on the idea of making some extra cash.

In March 2017 I got a full-time job as a salesperson in a store, where we sold clothes and shoes. I worked 5 days a week, from either 8am-20pm, or 11am-21pm. (YES, LONG DAYS INDEED). I started working and kind of liked it, because I was doing something useful with my time. After a few weeks, I started reflecting on my experience so far, and couldn’t help but think that I was hardly spending time with my family because I was working during the weekends, or that I was getting very disturbed sleep thinking about work. Also, the bags under my eyes were extremely noticeable and had a life of their own. I was only holding on to the fact that my salary was VERY good considering it was my first official job.

After a little more than a month of working, while I was making the already neat store even neater, I started thinking about all the things I could be doing instead of being stuck in the store. That is when it struck me…this is not worth it!!! It is a sign that I am not working because I want to, but because I feel the need to occupy my time with something, and I don’t even like it.

So after A LOT  of consideration and pro and cons lists…I RESIGNED. (I don’t like the word ‘quit’).

I started looking for another job, but this time a part-time job. After a month of staying home and watching Netflix, a job came up, in a edu-entertainment park for kids. My job was to be a guide to the children, explain them their tasks, monitor them, etc. I thought it was a perfect for me, because I liked working with kids and because it only occupied 5 hours of my day (4 times a week).

So I went to work.

And after a long day of work (from 10am-20pm)….I RESIGNED.

Now, you might be thinking: “Wow this girl really likes resigning”. My answer to that is: Yes, but only if that job is not for me.

After these two experiences, I learnt that I was forcing myself to do things that I didn’t like, tasks that didn’t make me happy and didn’t contribute to my self-growth. So I decided that I wouldn’t find another job, and that I would use that time to discover what I REALLY liked.

To my dismay, I still haven’t discovered what I really like, but at least I am not doing something that makes me unhappy.

Lesson: Do things that make you happy. Your thoughts will be more positive and you won’t feel as if the universe is forcing you to do something. Also, don’t force your interests. These will come when they want to, or when you find them.

I am glad that I had these experiences because now I know what really matters, and that is finding a job that makes me feel as if I am not working.

I hope this post has helped you with your personal struggles. Let me know if you liked it, and stay tuned for more posts!


Tips for balancing exercise and social life in college

Being in college is a confusing time for many, because you want to do great in your studies, but at the same time you want to go to a bunch of concerts, parties and socialise with new people. This can be particularly true for people that are studying away from home (in another state or country). You want to be the best in your math class, but don’t want to say “no” to a friend that invited you to a Justin Bieber concert. (I mean, could you even say “no” to a JB concert?!). That’s why Im here to help you and guide you so that you could have the best of both worlds.

1) Prioritize

You have an exam on Monday. You have hardly studied. You go out to party on Saturday night, hence Sunday is a late-wake-up-in-feeling-lazy-and-sluggish day. Have you made the right choice on going out Saturday? Probably not.

It is important to know what to prioritise. If you are in school because of a scholarship, you might want to spend more time studying to ensure your scholarship is renewable (if that is the case).

2) Weekends are yours

This is a great way of organising your time. Dedicate your weekdays to study, do your best, complete your homework, etc. By doing this, you will feel like you deserve a break in the weekend and it will make anything you do so much more special. I tend to do this not only because I want to sit and watch Netflix or go clubbing, but because it actually is healthy. There is nothing healthy about stressing yourself out EVERY SINGLE DAY. Your brain needs a rest from all the hustle and bustle that is the weekdays.

3) Walk Walk Walk

Walking is something that I personally do and enjoy in order to clear my mind, as well as to balance all my workload with exercise. I don’t consider myself a very athletic person (at all!!!), so walking is a great way of getting your heart beat up when you have a lot going on. It doesn’t mean you have to wear gym clothes and go on a walk, it means you can walk with even work clothes to your office, house or wherever. It is a good idea to try and mingle in any physical activity during your busy week, like walking to a restaurant instead of taking a car, or climbing the stairs instead of using the lift.

I have made this blog post short because I feel like they are the three most effective and useful tips I can share with you.

I hope it has been helpful and stay tuned for more posts!! Thank you for reading!


How to destress/relax after an exam or long week?

I decided to write about this because it is applicable to most people, whether you are a high school students, college student or even working full time, this could help you figure out a way to relax after a looooong and stressful week. Here I have outlined my top tips:

1) Set yourself a goal

This means that before an exam or during the week, tell yourself that there will be a reward for that hard work you’re doing. This will not only motivate you to succeed in you exam, but it will make the moment after (when you’re relaxing) so much more enjoyable.

2) Alone time or group time

Personally, after a long week of exams and stress, I like to spend some alone time in silence, just doing things that I enjoy doing. However, everyone has different likes, so if you prefer spending time with friends in order to relax, that fine too.

3) Bubble bath

A cheeky little bath bomb from Lush is all you need on a Friday night. This is a great and effective way to relax your tense muscles, to spend some time alone as well as to smell spectacular after you finish your bath! Whenever I take baths, I tend to create a playlist on Spotify with all my favourite songs, and read a book. (Please make sure your book doesn’t fall into the bath!!!!)

4) Netflix and Friends 

Whenever I want to relax, Netflix seems like the perfect fit for me. I tend to not want to watch something that will require too many thinking cells (because I used them during the week), so I watch some comedy, my favourite being Friends! But thats not it. I don’t only sit there and watch friends. My mouth needs to be busy as well, which leads me to my next point…


Chinese, Thai and sushi are my top picks. There is something about asian cuisine that is so comforting and makes you feel as if you are embraced in a hug. They make you feel safe. They make you feel as if all your problems have vanished and you even forget about reality for a second. In that moment, its just you and your curry chicken with rice, or your stir fry, or your California rolls. Personally, I feel like this is one of the best (and most delicious) ways to treat yourself after a long week.

6) Read a book

Pretty self explanatory, innit?

7) Workout?

Okay, so this one is a bit of a hard one for me to write. When I was in high school and I felt stressed, people would often advice me to go to the gym. I don’t know if it was a subtle way to say “you’re getting fat”, but lets not dive into that. When I heard them suggesting that, I use to think: “Why would I want to induce more stress on my already so exhausted body?”. Going to the gym to destress really isn’t my thing, but it could be yours. Maybe try some yoga? Boxing? It may not be your thing either, but at least you tried!

8) Last but not least…GET SOME GODDAMN SLEEP!!!

Just sleep, ok?


I hope this has been useful for you, dear readers. These are legitimate tips that I personally use in order to relax, and I hope you can apply them too!



My ULTIMATE study tips that will reflect in your grades

Many people tend to have trouble when it comes to studying, not because they are not smart (because they are), but rather because they don’t know how to study, or what study style suits them. Speaking from personal experience, I have never benefited from using flash-cards to study. It felt as if I was wasting my time writing in small pieces of paper, and then I would loose them all. However, many people rely on flash-cards because they are proven to be really good and effective for studying, just not suited for me. My point is, everyone has different study styles.

Here I outline my ULTIMATE study tips, that I have learnt thought my high school experience, and that have been directly related to my academic success. It was a learning process, but I have finally discovered them!

1) Be consistent

After every class, or at the end of the day, try to sit down and review all that you have learnt in a certain subject, and connect the dots between what you wrote last week and this week. This will help you make connections (which is EXTREMELY useful for exams), and also help you remember important terms.

2) Study even though the teacher didn’t instruct it

This relates a lot to the previous tip. This will make you more confident in the subject, and you will become that expert student that all your peers seek to ask questions to.

3) Use various sources to study

If you are studying for an economics test, try to rely on more that one text book. This will probably mean that you will be reading the same thing but in different words, and you will have a better chance at remembering it. Also, some books tend to explain better than others, so do not limit yourself to only one source of information. These days there is so much content out there for every subject (videos, online tests, etc), so diversify your studying. 

4) Take notes in class

I personally suggest you write down your notes in your own words so you remember them. If you use simple language, use simple words. If you tend to use a more sophisticated language, use sophisticated words. Also, VERY IMPORTANT: try to try to manually write down your notes, instead of using a computer or any other electronic devices. This will help you memorise your stuff well, and then when you’re doing a written test, you will be like “I remember writing this down!!!”. And that’s an A right there.

5) Highlight in different colors

This will not only keep things more entertaining and colourful, but it will help you associate different pieces of information with specific colors. Also, something I tend to do is write little notes on the side of a text that I have to study and understand, and this helps me translate what I have read into my own words, or associate the information with a particular term that is important in the subject. In other words, MAKE THAT PAPER YOUR WORLD. Color it, write all over it, transform it into your own.

6) Read your revision notes more than once

Pretty self explanatory, innit?

7) Talk to yourself

Ok, so you may or may not think that this one is a bit odd and ridiculous, but it is (no joke) the MOST EFFECTIVE STUDY TECHNIQUE I HAVE USED SO FAR. So basically you speak out your revision and notes as if you are explaining it to someone else, or to yourself. The reason why this is so effective is because are speaking it AND hearing it, so it is double benefit for you. You could even use a white board and pretend you are a teacher to yourself and explain yourself something, as if you are your own student. Believe me, talking to yourself is so worth it.

8) First study alone, and then study with a group

Studying my yourself is the first step into memorisation (if it is needed), and to learn contents that you don’t know yet. Studying with a group is to make sure you know everything, so you can all compliment each others knowledge, as well as testing each other. That is something that works out for me. Some people prefer to start studying with a group and then studying alone, or studying alone all along, and all of these options are fine too. Just make sure that you are being benefited by whichever option you opt for.


This is a great time to be alive, not only because Harry Styles released his first solo album, but also because Post-Its exist. They are great for sticking tiny summaries on book pages, or just to remind you of important concepts, words, etc. Rely on them. Make Post Its your religion.


These are my ULTIMATE tips for revising and studying. I honestly apply all of these strategies to my studying and feel so secure and confident with my learning experience.

Also, I would like to say: while studying for an exam, you are bound to feel stressed and as if the entire universe is hating you, but believe me, being stressed can be an ignition to study, as well as as a device that will make you blank. People response differently to stress, and it is because of that that we should know how to avoid it. My best advice is to study in advance so you don’t feel left behind. Also, treat yourself because all that studying is exhausting, so either watch a movie or go out with friends and eat a ton of food.

I hope this has been useful to you!! Stay tuned for my next post, which will be about how to destress or what to do after an exam as a way to relax. I am really looking forward to writing the next post! Thank you for reading!

Decorating your college dorm room

This is probably the most exiting part about starting life in college. You get to transform a small space into your sanctuary, a place for some alone time, to relax, take a breathe from the dynamic environment of college. It is really important to make this place somewhere that will make you feel better when you’re feeling homesick. It is a place where you can be yourself and reveal a part of your identity to your roommate or to anyone that steps foot into your room.

I would like to take you guys along with me in the journey of making a small space into my own.

MAIN TIP:  Make it a cozy place!!!!

In order to accomplish this requirement that I have established, I suggest:

a) Buy a duvet/bed covers that have a basic pattern. By doing this, you will not only be creating a comfortable/cozy environment, but your room could potentially look bigger.

b) Decorative pillows. I suggest buying a few fluffy ones, because they add that extra touch of coziness, as well as giving your dorm a chic aspect.

c) Fairy lights. Imagine coming back to your dorm room, after a long day of classes, lectures and studying, and all you want to do is lay down in bed and watch some Netflix, but you don’t want the big light on. Fairy lights are there to save the day (or night). They make the space look like a massage room, which instantly gives you a relaxation vibe, a much needed vibe in college.

d) A bedside carpet. I wouldn’t say that this is the most important element of your room, because it always depends on the size and layout of your dorm room. Some rooms already have a carpet floor so you might not feel the need to add a carpet. However, others have cold floors, so adding a carpet could be a good choice to make the room look cozy. Keep in mind that adding a fluffy carpet could come with its pros and cons. Those are very pretty looking and add a softness to your room, but they get dirty and dusty pretty fast, and it ain’t an easy job to wash them up (plus its kind of a pain in the neck washing a carpet in college).

e) Wall prints. These could be drawings, art pieces or inspirational quotes and/or posters. I would say that these are a must in any dorm, just because they fill up the empty spaces of your wall and make it a place that you want to be in. However, be careful with how much you add to your wall. I you have a big room, go ahead and add how much you want. But if you have a smaller room, adding too much to your wall can make your dorm look a bit stuffy and suffocating. Personally, I would add 4 wall prints (1 poster, 2 inspirational quotes and 1 art work)

f) Plant. Buying a plant for your room can be a great investment for your comfort. It would give your room some life, as well as decorating empty spaces, for example in your desk. A succulent would be a great option, because they don’t require that much sunlight.

g) A picture display. The way you display your pictures is totally up to you! You can either clip them onto your fairy lights, or print polaroids and directly stick them onto your wall, or buy a big picture frame and allocate them there. Pictures are a great way to decorate your room, because they reveal a bit about your personality, as well as remind you of important experiences in your life.


I hope this has helped those of you who want a guidance when it comes to interior design in your dorm room, or even a normal bedroom at home. Stay tuned for the next posts relating to college/school study tips!!! Thank you for reading.


Netflix your way through the weekend

There is nothing better than waking up in the morning, and knowing you have nothing major planned for your day, apart from binge watching Netflix. I consider myself to be an expert in the field of Netflix. In fact, if it were a career I would be extremely wealthy by now. That is how committed I am to Netflix.

However, I thought I’d write a post telling you guys what shows you could watch depending on your mood.


1) For when you don’t feel like thinking too much

This is for the times you don’t really feel like thinking. You just want to watch a show that is easy to follow, not many neutrons required and that hopefully could make you laugh. The show is: Friends and/or Modern Family. Personally, these are my favourite comedy shows EVER. They make me laugh, they are original and easy to follow.


2) For when you’re feeling smart and intelligent

Suits and Scandal would be write for this one. They basically speak in lawyer jargon, use smart words and use intelligent strategies to solve their problems. By the time you watch a couple of episodes, not only will you gain knowledge in the field of law, but you will also start THINKING LIKE A LAWYER. The point is: you should watch these shows if you feel like thinking, connecting the dots and stimulating your neurons.


3) For when you’re feeling melodramatic

This calls for Jane the Virgin. It is not only one of the best comedy shows I have watched, it is also very original from anything else out there. It is based on a latin soap opera, so the plot is quite dramatic, and tends to leave you on many cliffhangers, which is perfect for a weekend when all you want to do is dive onto Netflix. Plus, Rafael (you will know if you watch) is pretty hot, so it wouldn’t hurt watching.


4) For when you’re feeling witty

Gilmore Girls is what you need if you’re feeling witty. This is an amazing show that I finished quite fast because Netflix marathons are my kind of workout. Lorelei Gilmore is the definition of witty, who always knows what to say in every situation. This is not only a funny show to watch, but is filled with drama. Apart from that, once you watch a few episodes you feel as if you live in Stars Hollow (where Lorelei and Rory live), and you start to sympathise and familiarise with all of the characters.


5) For when you’re feeling sophisticated, English and a bit 20th Century

Downton Abby. By far my favourite show of all time. Not only do you adopt a bit of the posh english accent, but it gives you an insight into how wealthy heirs lived during the 19th-20th Century, as well as how their mentality changed with times becoming more modern. It was entertaining to watch because there is a bit of comedy in there, drama and suspense. I recommend this show to all kinds of Netflix watchers, because you learn so much from the english culture and how is has evolved and become more modern and less traditional.


I hope this has helped you decide on a show to start watching! My next blog post will be about my favourite movies on Netflix, so stay tuned for that!

How to save money in college

So cash can be pretty scarce in times when you want to spend money on concert tickets, cute clothes, on food from Instagram-worthy restaurants and well, on everything that your sticky eyes land on. That’s what I’m here for, to help you strategise in order to be a happy college student without any (or very less) money worry. Here are a few of personal tips that I find the most useful:

1) Plan your monthly expenditures

In a notebook, or in your phone, write down how much you are going to spend that month. This will cause you to be aware of your monthly budget during your purchases and you will be wise and discriminate whether you really need that Anastasia Beverly Hills contour kit. I mean, maybe you do because you like to contour. But maybe you don’t need it but just want to believe that you need it.

Lesson: planning your monthly budget/expenditures will make you a wiser buyer, and every friend needs one of those in their lives.



They are everywhere. You look to the right…student discounts. You look to the left…student discounts. You look in the garbage can…student discounts. Literally everywhere. But here’s the thing: they are kind of hidden. In many places student discounts are paraded and you can immediately spot them. But in other you have to inquire. Don’t feel shy to ask ANYWHERE if they have student discounts, because a few bucks less in some of your purchases can save you a whole lot of money cumulatively. Some places that offer these are: Some movie theatres, Best Buy, ASOS, some restaurants, etc…..

Lesson: wherever you go, ask if there are student discounts. The worst thing that will happen is that they say no.

3) Online Shopping

Sometimes, buying basic items can be so much cheaper if you buy them online. You save time, petrol (or public transport expenses) and energy. It is not only cheaper in terms of money, it is cheaper in terms of everything! For example, buying a few things by Amazon, such as school supplies or college dorm essentials, can turn out more economical than going to Target and buying the entire store (because you are compulsive and cannot stop yourself and because Target is awesome).

Lesson: shop online for basic items


4) (not exactly saving) Try to get some extra cash by selling old books and/or other belongings

Sometimes we don’t think about how many unnecessary things we have that we do not use, and the amount of money you could make by selling those things could be impressive. They could be worth two concert tickets (or even more!!!). By consistently selling, you will not only earn some extra cash, but you are being economically productive and allocating scarce resources correctly so that others can make use of something that you don’t need anymore.

Lesson: By doing this, you are being a contribution to the economy.

I hope this has been useful for you amazing readers! Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for more content!

How I am organizing myself for college/university dorm?

So I have decided to enrol in university in the US, which I am very very exited about, because the opportunities in are endless! As an international student, there are a series of things I have to get done before reaching uni. I thought that I’d write about it because it could help all of you that need a guide in order to organise yourself before arriving to college. It is an overwhelming time, and it can all get a bit confusing at times. The tip is:  THINK MACRO TO MICRO. That means, first think about the general, most essential items you will need for living in a dorm, and after that think about the tiny details.

Here is  what and how I will be shopping for:


Ok, so I’m pretty sure that those of you who know and have used Amazon before, know it is probably the BEST creation ever, apart from sushi of course. This is where I got started, because I knew I needed to shop for things but didn’t exactly know what. I organised by thoughts and decided to first purchase all the ESSENTIALS that I will need in college:

a) Lamp

b) Pencil Organiser

c) Laundry basket (that transforms into a bag!!!)

d) Shower bag/caddy

e) Backpack

f) Hanging shoe organizer

g) Under bed organisers/containers

2. Shop for the cute stuff

Let’s face it, shopping for the essentials can be kind of a blow, because…who wants to shop for laundry bags?! But we have come to the fun part: buying cute decorative items for your dorm room. This includes:

a) Bedding

b) Comforter

c) Supplies (notebooks, pencil cases, organisers, calendar, pens, highlighters, and the list could go on forever)

d) Decorative Pillows

e) Tapestry

f) Fairy Lights

g) Wall art (posters, removable wallpapers, polaroid pictures)

Personally, I like to visit stores such as Urban Outfitters, Target and Walmart to buy my decorative bits and pieces. Urban Outfitters is a bit on the pricier side, but you can definitely find some cute things to shop for your dorm room. Other options are to visit vintage boutiques or markets that sell small decorative pieces (paintings, posters, ANYTHING!), which are generally a very affordable and reasonable price.

Now, I would like to highlight the importance of being cautious with how much you spend. Remember, this is a college dorm room, not some NYC $5.5 million dollar penthouse that you’re decorating. It is important to make it feel as cozy and homy as possible, but always keeping in mind affordability, budget and how much will it last you. Try to purchase items that you know will be durable and will be of use for your future dorm room/apartment.

Hope this has been helpful for you! My next blog post will be about: How to save money in college! So stay tuned!




Hi there! I would like to give you a warm welcome to my blog.

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a lifestyle blog. I am aware that ‘lifestyle’ is a very wide concept, but that’s the beauty of it. You can find anything here; from cooking to beauty, from traveling to tips on studying. My mission is to make this blog as diverse as possible so that most of you could find what you are looking for. I want to create as diverse content as I can, and with your help and guidance I could achieve that. I encourage you to leave a comment if you want me to write about a specific topic. However, for the meantime, I will be writing about several different topics in which I have experience in: study tips, how to be a good big sister, travelling tips, among others. I really hope you enjoy this blog!